The Matrix Organisation – Training Philosophy

Markets and business practices are continually changing.

The major challenge we are continually addressing is how do we all keep up to date? New rules and regulations are introduced – with somewhat fluid deadlines, new advances are made in IT, mandatory financial and accounting updates are imposed, hedging and trading with financial instruments are under the microscope more than ever as global regulatory requirements evolve. Do your staff understand the risks and financial consequences of their actions or indeed, in-action? Are you aware of the need to have a Business Continuity plan in place?

Financial organisations as well as corporates and family offices are facing a period of intense pressure to enter new markets, comply with new regulations, understand the latest developments and manage increasing corporate governance, business and financial risk. Operations and financial control departments need to be fully aware of the new world order.

Cybercrime and fraud are also increasingly a problem as modern technology makes us all vulnerable to threats. Are you comfortable that you can detect this, gather the evidence and manage the situation? Indeed have you ever audited your own IT systems to establish that they function the way they are supposed to?

The Matrix Organisation delivers state of the art in-house training; this means that we come to you, allowing you to choose the content and the participants. This is especially beneficial if you have small numbers to train across a range of different departments. We understand the pressure on your time and will work with you and your team to design a program that suits all of your requirements. This could range from a lunchtime session, to a half-day workshop/tutorial to a more intense 2 or 3-day course. Larger organizations may benefit from a Training Needs Analysis (TNA). This may be needed in order to ascertain learning and development requirements for a larger population.

All training will be delivered at a time and place of your choosing and the content will be specifically tailored with respect to skill level and duration. More importantly, what do you want the participants to do differently after the course?

Participants on our training programs are typically drawn from:

Banks and Financial Institutions
Front Office: Sales and Marketing, Treasury
Middle Office: Credit, Legal, Compliance, IT, Financial Accounting, Financial Control, Risk, Internal Audit
Operations: Processing, STP and Exception management, Valuation, Settlements, Central bank reporting,

Corporate and Family Offices, Governmental organizations
Treasury, Accounting, Internal Audit, Risk,
Investor Relations, IT

The Matrix Organisation offers a range of programs for different disciplines, and a selection are shown on this website, all of which can be tailored for your individual requirements.